TeamViewer Remote Support

Remote Support / Remote Assistance Installation Of the already purchased products

If your computer is connected to the internet, then we are able to offer you remote assistance using an industry leading support tool called TeamViewer  This uses full encryption and access protection, to ensure that your remote support session is secure.The software is certified and secured with the latest technology for your protection. Each session requires a unique ID and password, so you can be assured that nobody is connecting to your PC without your knowledge.  Encrypting the session ensures that no third parties are able to read the data that is transmitted. If you wish to know more about the software, please see the link at the bottom of the page.

Please click here to download TeamViewer software

You will be asked whether you want to save this file  please click on Save.

You will then need to navigate to your downloaded files, and double click on the TeamViewerQS.exe file to run it.

A security prompt will then appear  please click Yes to allow the TeamViewer software to run.


Once the software has loaded, our technician will require your unique ID and password to connect to your machine. This changes each time you run the software, to ensure your safety.

To read about TeamViewer™ security credentials, please click here to download a PDF file.